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What is Hypnoanalysis?

Analytical hypnotherapy (hypnoanalysis) is a form of hypnotherapy that aims to discover and resolve the root cause of concern. It draws on concepts from analytical psychotherapy and uses these with hypnotherapy techniques. Hypnoanalysis can resolve problems rather than manage symptoms, and therefore address long-standing issues.

The theory behind hypnoanalysis is that for some issues or concerns, there is a cause. The aim of the therapy is to uncover this cause and therefore resolve it. This process is often longer than suggestion hypnotherapy and can take a number of sessions. This allows you and your therapist to work together in a safe and confidential environment. Over time, rapport and trust builds.

Having a trusting relationship is key, as you should naturally find yourself opening up and discussing things that may have been ‘bottled up’ from the past. These past events can often be the cause of a present-day problem. The same theory is used by psychoanalytic therapists.

What is the difference between hypnoanalysis and psychoanalysis?

The difference between hypnoanalysis and psychoanalysis is the use of hypnosis. When someone is in a hypnotic state, their conscious mind falls into the background, allowing the subconscious mind to come forward. This is the part of the mind that tends to ‘store’ information about the ‘cause’ of certain problems.

For example, when asked, you may not remember a specific event that triggered a phobia. So your conscious mind may not be aware of it. Using hypnoanalysis, a hypnotherapist can communicate with your subconscious to reveal the event/cause in your subconscious.

Once the cause is found and addressed, there is room for new, healthy ways of thinking. Hypnotherapy and suggestion techniques are typically used to help this process.

What can it help with?

Hypnoanalysis can help a wide range of concerns. It is worth noting however that in some cases, there may not be an underlying cause. For example, concerns like bad habits, pain control and not achieving goals may be better suited to suggestion hypnotherapy. This will, however, depend on individual circumstances.

Concerns that you believe do have an underlying cause, however, are certainly worth exploring with hypnoanalysis. Concerns that often respond well to this approach include:

Every individual is different and will respond to different approaches, so be open to exploring your options. If you are already undergoing psychological treatment, be sure to tell your psychotherapist that you are considering hypnoanalysis. They can ensure there is no conflict in treatment and communicate with your hypnotherapist if necessary.

Everything we see here smell, taste, or touch is firmly grounded to our experiences in the past. Our perception can sometimes be further limited by the past which no longer exists, but continues to influence our perception in the now.


Imagine then how the perception of someone who has been traumatized is affected by their experience in the past. Imagine how limited the perception is of someone who is been abused, physically or emotionally or both, imagine the connections to the past traumatic event that are subconsciously making everything they see here smell, taste touch in their present everyday life traumatic.


Analytical Hypnotherapy is an effective way to sever those limiting connections to the past so that people who were traumatized once again, are able to function, without being paralyzed by what they experienced. The experience is not forgotten, but merely filled away as any other experience, so that it no longer remains open to activation each, and every time the person sees hears, smells taste or touches something that reminds them of this past trauma. 


The sound of footsteps, the smell of aftershave, the site of toothpaste, in the sink, the touch of a stubble the chin from a kiss, or the taste of  dinner can be triggering. The past colors are pictures of the now, but we can control which connections we choose to hold onto and which ones we choose to release. I can help you resolve these issues from the past which control your present. 

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