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What is Workplace Mindfulness?


Mindfulness has a multitude of benefits for workplaces and businesses.

Speaking very generally, there are some mindfulness-based processes that are thought to affect employee performance and wellbeing. These include response flexibility, decreased rumination, empathy, affect regulations, increased self-determination and persistence, improved working memory and more accurate affective forecasting. 


Mindfulness results in improved social relationships. Positive workplace relationships can have a significant impact. They buffer the effects of workplace stressors, promote thriving in employees, and foster communication, creativity and citizenship behaviors. Mindfulness promotes positive social connections in the workplace through a number of integral mindfulness processes, but most especially empathy and response flexibility.


Employees who practice being mindful are therefore more likely to show greater acceptance of colleagues without reactivity. This course covers these topics:

Appraising My Career Values
Appreciating Your Accomplishments
Assessing Contributions to Your Team
Building a Network of Support
Dealing with Busy Schedules
Defining Your Meaning of Success
Discovering the Concerns of Your Team
Evaluating How Wisely You Spend Your Time
Facilitating Your Learning
Facing Challenges by Others
Feeling Good About Supporting Others
Gauging External Contributions
How to Create More Time
How to Make Important Career Changes
How to Optimize Your Marketing Efforts
How to Stick to a Plan
Mindfulness of Triggering Others
Problem Solving
Refining How You Speak Up
Self-Affirmation to Reduce Self-Control Failure
Six Questions for Greater Accomplishment
The Art of Generous Learning
Time Management

Workplace Mindfulness

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