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Keele Fishel

Certified Hypnotherapist 
Life, Career & Spiritual Coach

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A Bit About Me

My drive and passion have always been to help others to feel better and regain control of their lives. I am extremely excited to empower my clients and help them navigate into their subconscious so they can unlock their full potential and better cope with situations such as self-defeating behavior, anger management, fear and phobias, anxiety, lack of motivation or low confidence, creating healthy boundaries, pain management and overcoming ADHD.


Guaranteed Stop Smoking






Creator of the Mental Executive, the program
that gives executives the edge they need to
reach all their goals and stay on top.  


Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Honors
Academic Achievement Award
Directors Award 

H.M.I. (Hypnosis Motivation Institute) Nationally Accredited College

Hypnotherapists Union Local 472

American Hypnosis Association Member


Soul Regression Master

Therapeutic Imagery Master Facilitator

Advanced EFT Facilitator

Trauma Recovery HypnosisHypnosis and ADHD
Working with Children on the Autism Spectrum
Hypnosis and Anxiety
Ericksonian Hypnosis and Trance Phenomena

While nothing replaces one-on-one hypnotherapy session, these MP3s are a great alternative. They are studio quality, proven and an amazing tool for change. Get comfortable, settle in and enjoy!

I have a strong belief that all individuals truly want to be seen and heard and that all of my clients are naturally creative, resourceful and whole. As a coach, I strive to help individuals peel back the layers to find out what really makes them tick so they can live a life with more passion, clarity and fulfillment.

Let's Get Started! 

Congrats on your choice to take your mental health seriously. Knowing that Hypnotherapy can help most situations in just 3-6 sessions, this starter package lets you save money while staying committed to feeling better. You get 3 sessions for only $225.

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