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What is Parenting Mindfully?

How to Respond Instead of React

Parenting can be stressful. Parenting kids with special needs can be even more stressful, and it can cause anxiety, depression and marital problems. A mindfulness practice can help alleviate stress and prevent these problems. And it can make you a better parent.

Mindfulness is designed to help you notice your emotions and calm yourself down in stressful situations. It includes breathing exercises, guided meditations and taking a step back from difficult situations. These habits can give you the time and emotional space you need to solve problems at home.

Sometimes mindfulness means slowing things down. Being mindful means focusing on right now and not always rushing to get to the next thing. It means letting go of the idea that things need to be perfect. Or that you need to be the perfect parent. Several worksheets designed to do WITH your children.

This course covers these topics:

Be Your Own Best Buddy (Kids)
Family Engagement
Food Contemplation for Kids
Mindful Family Calendar
Mindful Parenting 101
Mindfully Doing Schoolwork and Tests
Mother of All
Parenting Happily
Pebble Bag Treasure Quest
Snow Globe Exercise for Kids
Sounds and Silence (Kids)
What’s Your Weather Like Today? (Kids)
Mindful Snack Preparation
Exploring Fear-Partner Exercise

Parenting Mindfully

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